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Do you want to keep your adventure alive?

Do you struggle with osteoarthritis or joint pain? Are you frustrated trying to find exercises that don't hurt? Are you spinning your wheels trying to find safe exercises? We help motivated adults, like you, keep the thrill of life going at any age while navigating obstacles that are standing in your way. We are serving Salt Lake City, Park City, UT and surrounding areas!


Are you frustrated?

Is osteoarthritis, joint pain/stiffness, or chronic pain limiting your physical activity? Are you tired of dealing with constant pain? Many times people end up giving up on exercise because of pain which can lead down a slippery slope which can include giving up the things you love to do. Pain CAN be managed with the right exercises and the right support. The longer we wait, the higher the mountain we have to climb. Let me help you on your journey!

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Are you ready to bring exercise into your life?

When dealing with chronic joint pain, osteoarthritis, or a recent set back exercise can be put on the back burner because we don't know what exercises are safe and which we should avoid. When giving up exercise we are welcoming all sorts of other problems like chronic disease. There are SO many exercises out there and I promise we can find some that are best for you! Exercise can absolutely change your mood, your body, and your pain levels. Let me help you find what your body is craving! 

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Explore the free resources here!

I get it, dealing with pain can be stressful and overwhelming! That is why I have created tons of free exercise videos, blog posts, and a FREE facebook community to give you valuable information to help you keep your adventure alive. I'd love to work with you. In the mean time check out these resources!

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Frequently Asked Questions

With traditional physical therapy, you have to see your doctor first, usually after an injury and then you go for 6-8 visits to a clinic 2-3 times per week. Working with Keep the Adventure Alive, you don't have to see your doctor first, you can come directly to us! Also our goal is not to see you 8 times in one month. Alyssa will do an evaluation and then decide what would best fit you. This could be virtual check-ins or occasional in person visits, giving you the resources in the mean time with video and written instruction to complete your program. 

Alyssa wants to help keep your body healthy in the long term, no just for a few weeks! 

The special part of Keep the Adventure Alive is we come to you! We can come to your home, the gym you typically work out in, wherever is most convenient for you. You don’t have to worry about coming to us. If you are outside of our service area, don’t worry- check out our virtual services!

We do not accept any insurance as we are a cash-based practice. Why? Because we believe that insurance should not be dictating how we treat you and how often. We firmly believe that you deserve time and specialized care in the way we see best fit. Your health is an investment into avoiding piles of future medical bills and staying as independent as you can.

Here at Keep the Adventure Alive we help the

  • frustrated: those that are limited by pain and weakness and are tired of spinning their wheels
  • stuck and the stalled: those who want to push through a plateau- whether it is weight loss, a new exercise program, or working around pain we can help!
  • the go getter: those who are training for an event and in need of an exercise program to get there safely and effectively, those who want to continue hiking, biking, running, skiing, whatever ignites you while pushing through obstacles.

You don't have to be in pain to benefit from the services here at Keep the Adventure Alive. As long as you have a goal that you have not achieved yet, Dr. Alyssa can help you get there faster and safely! 

Think about it.

What is your adventure? What keeps you going? What motivates you?

Many times we let pain control our adventures. Pain is not a "normal" sign of getting older. The first instinct is to rest and stop what we are doing. Ultimately this typically leads us to stop all activities and exercising.

But what if I could keep you on the mountain, keep you on your bike, keep you doing the things you love not matter your age?

Here at Keep the Adventure Alive we take pride in doing just that. Training around pain is the ultimate goal. I want to help you find the right program for you to get out of pain while still doing what you love.


So what do we do? 

We offer concierge mobile wellness and performance services! What does this mean? 

  • We come right to your home, the park, the trail, wherever your adventure is we can meet you there! 
  • You don't have to see a doctor first, you can come right to us! This allows us to possibly save you money on x-rays, medications, and testing.
  • This is not traditional physical therapy where we see you for 8 visits and then we are done. We typically do 1-2 sessions and then have virtual check-ins as needed because health is a life long journey! Want to see Alyssa more? We can work that out too! 
  • We will figure out what is causing your pain, help you move well, and make lasting changes to get you out of pain and continuing your adventure.
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“It is never too late to pursue your goals, to change your life. We are resilient human beings capable of extraordinary things. Age should never stop you.”

Think of all the possibilities.

Take a moment to think about how your life could be changed if you weren't limited by pain every day, if you had the energy to play all day with your kids or grandkids, if you had the stamina to go on a long hike or bike ride. 

How would this change your life? Would you be able to see your family more? Would you be able to go on the trips you have always wanted? Would you be able to meet up with your friends more to hike, ski, or bike?

Have you had to give anything up recently due to pain you are feeling? Have you stopped sports or other leisure activities with friends because you don't have the energy? Have you stayed home while other family or friends went on a trip due to a fear of not being able to keep up? 

Let's schedule a time to talk today!

Don't miss out on anything that Keep the Adventure Alive is working on! 

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